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Fast, Professional, IT Support Just For You

High Speed Internet

All Things WiFi, Ethernet, and Networking

No one likes waiting for SLOW internet. 

Whether it's your favorite show on Netflix buffering or crucial systems for your small business going offline or performing poorly, a slow network can not only be annoying but costly.

Thats where we come in! We can build you fast, robust, and reliable networks for your home or small business. Hardline connections and WiFi for all your devices are our first priority

Point of Sale System


When it comes to Bars and Restaurants, owners needing help to make their business run smoothly there is no one better to call than The IT Guy, we offer support from stage to back office, everything from sound, lights, automation to POS, WiFi, Networking, cabling and Computer support. We take the worry off your shoulders to allow you to do what you do best


The I.T. Guy are certified installers of:
*Shift 4 POS
*Ubiquity wireless networking hardware
*GW Security & Reolink Cameras Systems
*Plus More!
If you are interested, please call for a FREE quote. We will come out and survey your Bar/Restaurant and give you options to improve or upgrade your business to keep you operating smoothly and efficiently at no cost to you.

Surveillance Camera


Security cameras are crucial for deterring crime, ensuring safety, and protecting your investments.

Security cameras installed by The IT Guy will provide you with 24/7 coverage of all the things you hold dear. You can view our cameras from anywhere in the world from your phone and susbcribe to notifications if motion is detected. 

Call today for a FREE walk through of your home or business

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